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2006 - Micheal O'Loughlin and Lindsay Teychenne meet at the Railway Hotel in Armidale to discuss Micheal's project proposal to assist Pacific Rim Communities to deal with issues of Climate change. Lindsay and Mick had previously collaborated on the Waterfall Way Project.

2006 - Micheal started the NGO called Evolveris as part of the legal structure required to receive project funding.

2006 - Lindsay Teychenne and Glenda Kupczyk-Romanczuk collaborate on the Environment Words Dictionary with the view to eventually bringing it on-line.

2006 - Greg Carrol suggests to Glenda that the Environment Words Dictionary be published on-line as a wiki.

2007 - Micheal O'Loughlin gets a new supervisor for his PhD on emergence. Rebecca Spence head of Peace Studies at UNE agreed to supervise his studies and was fascinated by the principles that emerged in his thesis.

September 2007 - Lindsay Teychenne registers the domain names and after much discussion with Micheal O'Loughlin about a name. The wiki name resulted from ideas put forward in the book Wikinomics and the concept of mass collaboration appropriate to the development of the project. Note - at this stage the Environment Words Dictionary was not considered part of the project. Mediawiki was chosen as the wiki engine due to the familiar wiki environment created by Wikipedia. September 2007 - Siteground was chosen as the host site due to its 500gb data storage and its support for Mediawiki. Mediawiki was installed and a couple of pages were put up as a test. The site really sat idle for many months while other things happened.

February 2008 - A meeting at Micheal O'Loughlin's house between Lindsay Teychenne, Glenda Kupczyk-Romanczuk, Rebecca Spence and Micheal O'Loughlin in which it was decided to publish the Word Webs on wikipacifica and to meet again to discuss an Expression of Interest for funding for a project for Sudanese settling in Tamworth, Armidale and Inverell.

March 2008 - A meeting was held to discuss the Sudanese EOI. During general discussions, Lindsay Teychenne put forward the idea of a Collective as a way to bring people together for an extended period in one place to concentrate on a specific project or set of outcomes. Lindsay got the idea from The Couchingsurfing Project.

March 2008 - The domain name: was registered with and an initial website and mail server was established using googlesites. An email group was setup called initialcollective at with four members.

March 2008 - Another meeting was held to finalise the Sudanese submission at which Glenda announces that Janis Wilton had named the on-line publishing of the Environment Words Dictionary and its associated Word Webs as Word Webster. Rebecca Spence offered to hold the first Collective at Red Rock

March 2008 - Lindsay and Glenda collaborated on successfully publishing a set of words and Word Webs. The Word Webs chosen were Peace and Peace Building. Whilst there was still much work to be done - this act was significant to the initial collective in demonstrating that there was much data "ready to go" to enrich Wikipacifica

April 2008 - The Red Rock Collective was held and an email list started called redrockcollective at

April 2008 - Rebecca meets with The National Centre for Peace at the University of Queensland and puts to them the Wikipacifica project - they showed much enthusiasm.

April 2008 - Lindsay listened to an ABC Science Show Podcast on the One Laptop Per Child project and contacts OLPC Australia for possible partnering arrangements.

April 2008 - Glenda Kupczyk-Romanczuk invited the Red Rock Collective people to dinner to celebrate our achievements so far.

May 2008 - Micheal meets Tom Briggs from the Lands Council and offers to assist with a story telling project.

May 2008 - Lindsay runs into Laszlo Szabo and discusses the story-telling projects with him.

May 2008 - Lindsay, Micheal, Rebecca and Helen meet for coffee at Rene on the Mews to discuss a response to a Community Relations Commission grant available.

May 2008 - Lindsay, Micheal, Rebecca and Helen meet at Micheal's place to meet Laszlo Szabo and discuss the Lands Council work with him.

May 2008 - Lindsay and Rebecca discuss the need to form the Wikipacifica Foundation with the purpose of providing on-going funding to sustainability and peace projects.

May 2008 - Micheal O'Loughlin gets his PhD approved YAYY!!

May 2008 - Ekki and Iain Mackay register to attend the Going Local Conference

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