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Wickipacifica…stories and solutions across the Pacific

Wikipacifica - A storytelling learning and friendship network that shares community stories, learning, local solutions to climate change, news, music

Wikipacifica Fosters cross cultural understanding, an environmental dictionary & seeks to build peace and community friendship aid networks across the Pacific.


Wikipacifica and the domain name was started to bring an on-line capability to the Environment Words Dictionary edited by Glenda Kupczyk-Romanczuk. The idea to create a wiki to publish the Environment Words Dictionary was made by Greg Carrol

The Pacifica Project is the brainchild of Micheal O'Loughlin who set out to assist Pacific communities to use their own resources to build facilities to bring about an improved, stable social and economic society. Micheal is the president of Evolveris a not-for-profit NGO.

To assist the Pacifica Project with on-line resources the domain name was registered and an initial trial website was establised using Google Apps

Janis Wilton, noting the use of Word Webs developed by Glenda suggested that the Environment Words Dictionary be re-named to Word Webster.

At the Red Rock Collective in April 2008 it was decided to merge the Word Webster project with The Pacifica Project and use the domain name to serve the content for The Pacifica Project as well as for Word Webster.

The name Wikipacifica was also adopted as the marketing name which encapsulated the principles of wikinomics incorporating mass collaboration methodology.

The logo of the starfish was inspired by the de-centralised principles of organisational success put forward in the book The Starfish and the Spider.

Wikipacifica then, is a mass-collaboration, de-centralised project working with Pacific communities and dedicated to sharing knowledge, understanding, skills and solutions.

The Wikipacifica history gives a rough chronological rundown of how we got started - Please edit and add things to this history as it will be a valuable tool for research as the years progress - mighty oaks etc.

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