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The Red Rock Collective was the first Wikipacifica Collective held in April 2008

Breakfast Meeting (et al)

The Red Rock Collective brought together new and old friends to form a movement that we are calling Wikipacifica.

Using the priniples of Emergence and under the catalysing leadership of Micheal O'Loughlin we started with a breakfast meeting that went all day - and then the next day and half way into the third!

We started by putting up on the wall map the things we would like to achieve for the week's end. The first item in the agenda was to get to know people but as things turned out, we never finished the getting to know you process, as we asked questions and (proverbial) pennies dropped in our minds as to the quality of the people we had in our group and the common desire to make a difference.

It seemed though, that in between getting to know each other and during the lovingly prepared meals and walks along the creek and up to the Rock and along the beach, that the business got done, the outcomes achieved and then some! Private, side-conversations during recreational and meal times were where the real issues were discussed, the stories integrated and decisions made.

A real-life experience of the principles of Emergence - no linear thinking just an intention to join with each other in a common cause and learn.

Red Rock Project Map



The linked stories about the people who attended the Red Rock collective were typed in "on the fly" by different typists with differing skills and styles - the idea being to get some information down for later editing by the people themselves and others

Reflective questions

What has been most useful in this process - click for more responses

The most useful thing about the process for Rebecca was witnessing the process unfold and witnessing how the principles of emergence could catalyse new ideas and understandings. Take for example the idea of the postcard. During the first day we learnt of Ekki's history and his discovery of documents relating to the second world war in his Mothers house; one of these documents was a postcard. Several of us kept returning to ask more about the postcard and we kept discussing what it symbolised - resilience, survival, love, and daring. Suddenly we began to talk about postcards and what they meant and how they could be a powerful marketing tool as well as a symbol of connection and exchange for the project, and thus a new idea merged. this just could not have happened if we had been sticking to tight agenda that had already been re determined.

How do we keep the process on track - click for more responses

Rebecca thinks we keep the process on track by by our own processes of self reflection and monitoring - should I decide I need to control, as I felt I did on a few insecure occasions, I recognise it for what it is - in my case worry about being responsible for others- and let it go - step back and remember how important the emergence principles are..... It does take time to unlearn the control which I have been taught is the key to successful practice - let it flow, let it flow!!!!

What will be the indicators of success - click for more responses

The ongoing development of the site; the emergence of new ideas as the site develops, the uploading of stories; our first prodcast; sponsorship etc etc....

Session Process

11.30 we will Skype Noelene for protocol involved in broadcasing stories - she is involved in playback theatre on gender and domestic violence - protocol on working with people with sensitive stories

What brings us here - vision statement Guiding Principles: - sharing and contributing knowledge - building shared understandings - connecting people/ groups - catalyzing change - adapting: local solutions/ appropriate technology / local innovations - networking - innovators, experts, volunteers

Who is involved? who benefits? what's in it for us? If we are interested in engaging youth... we must include them. what we produce much take account of their learning styles - excitement/short and sweet. We also need a council of elders in communities

What are we doing

  • Learning communities how is everything interconnected and mutually reinforcing? Outward looking , integrated approach is more powerful. How do we get ourselves into exisitng networds
  • Stories - what stories are we looking for? boundaries???? themes, principles, scope
  • Podcast / Vodcast = a feed of entries / diary connected to central location, updates to latest recording

each level of technology adds complexity , we must be aware of our own capabilities and what is available in the region we should tap in to available technology - Face book u tube Many people in the Paific have leapfrogged Oz and use technology in communities - eg. Solomons and Samoa. this digital network is readily accessible

    • News

Why are we doing it?

We are a group of people with our own stories of concern and hope for the future of the planet and the community who lives there

What resources do we need

We need people who want to help

What capabilities we need

Graphic Designers, Web administrators, inventors, Audio Engineers

How do we make the group/organisation self-sustaining?

Funding: corporate funding eg. Virgin Blue as a carrier to sites and staff as volunteers / philanthropic organisations /partnering with communities/ tithing/ community banks Beware exploitation of communities How do members of Pacifica fund the organisation and make a living wage? We must be ale to continue ... there will be times when we an contribute financially and other times when we contribute expertise. We are investing in an innovative idea and we are developing trust networks. Conscious volunteering needs a big base so that no one suffers burnout and there is a wide span of expertise. Collectives eg. couch surfing are powerful because the are built on trust. Networking encourages people

Theoretical framework: Emergence in system wikinomics starfish / decentralised organisations

How will we present ourselves? what will our aesthetic be? Must be colourful and appealing

timeframe - what first? what steps dowe need to take

Who is going to do what?

Where are our existing networks?

Project Map


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