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Word Webster Definition:

NGO - Say: en jee oh

abbr. short for Non-Government Organisation; a group that is independent of any government and that works to help people who have problems that their governments will not or can not fix

[note: NGOs work on issues like caring for the environment, health, human rights, education, women’s rights, law and agriculture. Sometimes an NGO is formed to work on a particular problem. when the problem is solved, the NGO is no longer needed so it no longer gets funding. This is an important difference from many government agencies, which are funded for other reasons. There are thousands of NGOs in the world. Some are big and powerful, eg. the Red Cross, and they are sometimes called INGOs (International NGOs) or even BINGOs (Big International NGOs) but most are small and poor. NGOs work in different ways. Some do not take money from governments or big companies but others do. Some NGOs work closely with governments or the United Nations, others do not. Mostly NGOs support ways of doing things that are different from the government. NGOs are non-profit organisations. The first NGOs depended on volunteers, but now most pay their employees the same as local people.]

Word Webster definitions are copyleft Glenda Kupczyk-Romanczuk

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