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Lindsay at Play
Lindsay at Play
Lindsay Teychenne has had a long career in the computer service industry. He is currently a FileMaker Pro developer and has contributed much to the effort of getting the Word Webster project up and running.

Lindsay also has many other interests, not the least of which is a strong dedication to serving and helping communities.

I am in Armidale because it is the only place on the mainland that looks like Launceston -where I spent the happiest part of my childhood. I withdrew from school because Id did not like the culture of fighting and getting piked for sports teams. Not understanding the culture is a theme that runs through my life. Joined the army reserve and enjoyed it - liked the structure of the reserves - loved giving orders! Got married and had some kids; separated and divorced; losing kids from daily life was devastating. needed to look at life differently. John Denver fan and heard about Thomas Crumb who had written a book called the Magic of Conflict, took up Akido and got into a group of people who were looking at life in a different way. John Denver and group had a property in Aspen Colorado and had a strong relationship with Buckminster Fuller., Had a geodesic dome on their property; supplied vegetables to meet their needs. When I went to visit there the y told me to go and visit the Rocky Mountain Institute which was run by Hunter and Amery Lovins. Passive solar house and it was january and there was snow on the ground that thick and the had a thermal bank, heat tank. Sat in the foyer and thought that this is it - Lovins were traveling world at that time telling people that there were smarter technologies to use in terms of energy and I thought that everyone would be convinced pretty soon but I then realised that things weren't changing and that It I was the same system operating as at schools and that systems are entrenched - self perpetuating - Governments and industries need climate change and global warming to keep their profits intact.

There has got to be another way - maybe we can't stop climate change, maybe it is too late but there is something else beyond it and there is another way of doing things. Intrigued by the self organising, emergent ,new economy, new way of doing things... I think there is a lot of hope. that is why I am interested in the story telling because wherever there is crisis and where ever there seems to be tragedy, something beautiful can come - resilience and resourcefulness etc.

I have lots of strings to my bow - writing file maker databases and camera work (not so much the editing side of it) I would like to become good with the video camera.I have business at the moment that is providing me with income but not really enthusiastic about the work that I am doing with it.

I have a BUS ! I want to set it up as a mobile studio for traveling around. I would like to be able to travel to a place of beauty, like Red Rock, and sit here working and then travel to another place.

Life continues to confuse me - Assessing and reflecting. Our system of government is not working but we are too far down the rabbit hole.

I have absolute faith in the capacity of Humanity to survive - we are so resilient and have such capacity to survive. Depression is a biological thing that allows an animal to go and die for the sake of the community.

There is a real drive within people which gives me enthusiasm - a well spring of motivation. I want to be part of the turn around.

When I was going through depression I realised that I had to find a way out for myself and I started an eco tour guiding course and it put me in a totally different mind space from the work I was doing and I got a lot out of it and I ended up going back and finished the course. Armidale TAFE was one of only two TAFES in NSW that were doing it and there w as no work for graduating students. People were going off to other paces and I thought I wanted a job for myself and the people who were graduating. I went to look at the Bibulman track in Western Australia and it is Australia's iconic walk about 900 metres. myself and Brian Hardacre got together in Caffiends and thought about a walking track form Armidale to Coffs Harbour. So I spent the next three years having meetings and trying to enthuse the community about the walking track. Met Mick and said how are you going to manage this? Came up with the idea of working with people. We ended up raising about $130,000 and Mick did the Feasibility study which was heavily based in community consultation. I ended up doing a lot of admin stuff and honoring commitment to funding bodies and ended up burnt out. Someone took over the reins and got $500,000 to do a regional tourism strategy - We ended up with the Waterfall Way.

Glenda had her book of Environment words and needed a database developed so I worked with Glenda and realised that she was a visionary. Book was conceived originally for refugees on the Thai Burma border but has become available world wide and the project has developed into a word webster.

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