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Ekki lives in red Rock, just behind Rebecca's Mum's house

Originally from Germany, arrived in Australia 11 years ago , business high school north of Frankfurt , army service, dreamed of becoming a pilot, but unable to do so due to vertigo - so gave up the idea of a being a pilot. Apprenticeship in Farming, cattle farm and Pig farm. International Agriculture - University of Kassel in Hesse Witzenhausen.

the emphasis is to get to know the world and to connect with other people - Part in ht=in the Schwartzwald - two French girls were coming to the party and Ekki travelled 500km to the party - met a French woman who was a teacher in the Black Forest. Fell in love and married in France. Felt on top of the world and 6 weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer, dreams to travel and work in Africa as an essential part of studies fall short. Aid Worker?. She went through radio and chemotherapy and arranged to work in Germany. At the end of Ekki's studies his wife passed away.. As a way of dealing with the grief Ekki decided to travel and came to Australia and thought that it was a decent enough place to live.

Traveled to Bali and met another woman who was athletically competent in running and cycling. She was still in a relationship at the time but eventually moved to Germany and wanted to move back to Australia and asked Ekki if he would join her - Ekki had little family left in Germany and with his mother's blessing moved to Australia.

Ekki had a strong love for alternate energies, Solar, Wind etc and had studied engineering enabling work with Mercedes.

He thought that Australia was a prime opportunity for solar engineers. Unfortunately they didn't want engineers, only mechanics. Many of the problems of the world can be dealt with by education. Ekki realised that people treated their country with contempt - the rubbish that people often left in state forests of OZ are of concern.

Aspirations for Australia were naive. The reason he ended up in Red Rock was his developed love of northern NSW and came across a house and just decided to buy it anyway - without either of them having jobs. Corinne was originally from Tasmania and it was some regret that they didn't settle there.

After applying for jobs with Solar suppliers Ekki discovered that his skills weren't needed. His second love was model airplanes and someone suggested installing cameras in the planes and setup a successful business with arial photography. while establishing the business the Tax office people had a real AHAH! experience when he demonstrated the technology and they suggested it was more a hobby than a business so he was able to run tax free - just don't earn over 25,000.

After work for fire dept and Coffs Harbour Council. Corinne had been also a teacher in Armidale before she found a permanent position in Grafton. An ex neighbour, Dave had seen some of his work and wanted to contract him for work in Sydney for Greening Australia. Ekki stayed with him in the Blue Mountains for a few days and saw the $ signs but his mother was Ill and he was needed in Germany to look after his Mother for two years.

Ekki spent some of his significant inheritance buying things that he really wanted to do - workshop and motorbikes. But now all the money is gone - what a great story!

Ekki discovered something interesting when his mother passed away when he had to clean up the house and discovered a cupboard in a cellar. Papers in the cellar showed a Jewish heritage. Ekki's Grandfather had a PhD in chemical Engineering and was approached by the Nazi's to replace the gum used in making rubber whose supply was cut-off. being Jewish he didn't get the credit for the invention of plastic but escaped the war with his life.

The mothers had to write down the family tree as part of the school ciriculum which revealed the name Rosenberg. The fact that he has Jewish heritage was kept from him as a form of protection.

While working with Mercedes Invention and development of an electric car with two electric motors that had a speed of 135 Kph.

While carrying out the farming practice of compressing silage and having his mind wander with the tedium, he received a phone call from designer Luigi Colani. He invited Ekki and another friend of his to look at his project - an empty industial building with a production of small hovercrafts for wealthy American businessman - we talked about many things. He gave Ekki books on design that copy nature. He predicted that eventually cars will all look the same due to nature-based design priniples. Ekki created a car that looked like an egg.

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